Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home in Place, Septic & Water Hooked up

Today was a very productive day out in Terrell! We woke up at 6 AM (EARLY for Jeremy!), loaded everyone in the car, and headed out. In the chill of the morning, Jeremy began digging up the water pipes that used to run to the old house, to see how much work needed to be done to make them trailer-ready. We were trying to get some things accomplished while waiting for the mobile home guys to move our mobile home to its permanent spot.

While he continued digging, a truck with a couple guys pulled up, and lots of talking was taking place. Baby girl and I were waiting in the warm car, since there wasn't much for us to do anyway. The guys got out of the truck and started helping Jeremy dig, so I just assumed they were some of the guys helping with the mobile home. Jeremy came to the car to ask me to get something out of the trailer for him, and he explained who these fellows were. One of the guys lives down the street, and they just happened to be driving by and saw Jeremy working and asked if he needed help. They work on mobile homes for a living, so we agreed to hire them (for not much money really) to help us find out what was going on with the old water pipes and also to hook up the septic pipes once the mobile home was in place. You see, Jeremy can do all these things, but with these guys helping, we knew for sure it would get done today.

Next to arrive was the mobile home dealer who was ready to move our mobile home. And he was definitely ready! It went very fast! Our sweet neighbors have a garage converted into an apartment (bedroom/bath) with a separate entrance, and they offered to let us come and go to the apartment as we needed for the day. So, by the time I got the baby's playpen set up next door and had her down for her nap, the truck was hooked up, and the home was in motion! I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch or if I didn't....but my curiosity won over my nervousness. I was amazed! They calculated their plan and got it all done in one move. I figured with all the obstacles we had, that they'd have to back it out, pull it forward and reposition several times, but it only took once and it was perfect! I can't even park my minivan on the first try sometimes! I did get a little nervous a few times as the back wheels on the truck spun, and they appeared to be stuck, but they knew what to do. No mishaps; it is now in place! We ate lunch while the guys leveled and transferred it to the cinder blocks and removed the axles. Not long after returning, Seth, Faith and I went next door to take a nap, and when I woke from our nap, the water and septic had already been hooked up! We discovered a slight leak, and some faucets that are broken, and some really dirty, smelly water (perhaps that had been sitting in the long-unused water heater?), but overall, we are SO thankful to have flushing toilets and at least SOME faucets that work! And with the home in place, there's no more bouncing floors and swaying with the wind, and we can hang pictures and move some things in. It feels more like home, and we are so excited!

We are paying those same guys to install our utility pole. Can you believe the electric company doesn't install the poles, even if you pay them? Again, Jeremy could do it, but by the time he rents an auger, etc., we are coming out cheap by paying someone. This will hopefully be done this week or the next.

There is still so much to be done, but we made big progress today. The most crucial things are getting accomplished. I have a feeling it will go fast after this point.

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  1. I totally forgot about hiring those guys to install the electric pole. I wonder what happened with that since Brad and I ended up doing it?