Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Week at the Property: Day Two

So now we have sleepy people and stinky laundry! And, we have a nice list of things we need to go into town for, so after breakfast and dishes, we head into town. We, of course, stop at Home Depot, as we do almost every time we are down there. We need more paint and other supplies for the house. Jeremy got in touch with a guy we know who rents out mobile homes to ask his opinion on skirting for the trailer. You see, the insurance company will not insure our trailer until there is skirting up, so that is priority one on the to-do list. As it turns out, he will sell us some used metal , which happens to be the most sturdy material we could probably get for this purpose, for much, much less than we could buy new. So we pick up some miscellaneous materials needed to put this skirting up (or rather, we have McCoy's deliver it), and then later on, Jeremy and his dad (who arrived later that afternoon) pick up the metal. We stopped at our favorite local taco place, Taco Shack, for lunch. Then I trek to Wal-Mart with just Seth to pick up some things we needed there (and Seth picks up a birthday gift for his brother!). I ended up having to go BACK to Home Depot with a very sleepy Seth to pick up something that was forgotten, and by the time I got back, I was so DONE with shopping for the day! We wrapped the gift for Jude, and the children got to open some of their presents from their grandparents. After dinner, the last of the gifts were unwrapped and we had a nice stack for the burn pile, and lots of toys floating around. The men had accomplished some work on the skirting. We put sleepyheads to bed and enjoyed a nice bath in our only working (garden) bathtub. This night's sleep was much better!


  1. Hey, time to update your profile. Jude is 5 now :)

  2. That old barn tin ended up working out fantastic for the trailer skirting. It's still holding up great, even the paint.