Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homeschool Bookfair and other news

This weekend was my fifth year of attending the Homeschool Bookfair, and I just love, love going!  It is so neat to see so many friends, meet new ones, listen to encouraging speakers, and look at all the books and other homeschool goodies.  It is the one place I go shopping where I actually want to buy everything.  So far, I've gotten supplies to do Life of Fred Math, Right Start Math, Etiquette Factory lessons, Pathway readers, some leftover ACE paces from last year, lots of library books for science/history, etc. and preschool workbooks for my 3 (almost 4!) year old.  We are also going to try Accountable Kids system again, but this time tailoring it to our family.  It is always exciting to start a new year of homeschooling.  In the past, we have schooled all through the summer, but we are going to just do so lightly or sporadically, just to give us a break and so that we can focus on our garden.

We now have a cat and a dog, both strays, both so friendly!  Our dog is a sweet little border Collie named Socks, and boy, does that dog have energy!  If I had half his energy, oh, the things I could accomplish! The cat is just called Kitty for now, but she is very lovable and snuggly.  They, along with our chickens, are our only animals so far.

Thanks to my husband's hard work, the front of our yard is now fenced in.  AND we have an automatic gate, which is great!  No more of the neighbor's horses and dogs constantly on our front lawn.  Our kids can play with (almost) no worries.  Speaking of the almost part, one side of our yard is still the four strand wire (some slick, some barbed), so we can't let 2 year old play outside without Mom or Dad as she tends to want to wander out into the pasture, where the neighbor's mule and cow are.  But my husband and the boys are working on that side of the fence, to enclose it in horse fencing and to expand the back yard a bit.  Hopefully it will keep the dog in (right now he is in a makeshift kennel by the old, falling apart barn).

I've saved the best news for last: we are expecting a baby in October!  Our whole family is excited! 
We are working on floor plans for the new house we hope to build, to accommodate our expanding family, but for now, we will be just fine in our little mobile home. Planning a house is certainly a huge job, a little overwhelming really, but it is exciting to think of the possibilities. 

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