Friday, November 12, 2010


The septic repair guy was out there today working with his backhoe, which the boys thought was awesome! Good news: both tanks are in and the line that will eventually go to the trailer is in. Bad news: leach lines are in very poor shape and will be costly to reinstall! However, it is still much cheaper than a new system, so we are thankful for that. We called our mobile home dealer to let him know that our date for the trailer's final move is quickly approaching, and that we hadn't forgot about him. We thought maybe HE'D forgotten who WE are, too! He said that he had one guy call 4 years after purchase to say he was finally ready to move it! He estimated that it would be 6 months before we called him, and it's been two, so not as bad as it could have been. :) I'm hoping this septic system will be finished within the next week or two so that we can move it, but we'll see.....

Today we finished priming the living room, and washing and filling nail holes in the hallway, and washing some of the walls in the kitchen. We spend about the first 15 minutes of our entrance into the mobile home every time killing wasps! Lots of them. We thought they were yellow jackets, but to my relief (sort of?), they are actually just yellow and black wasps. If the temps will ever stay below freezing for a while, we won't have to contend with them any longer! Which is good because they creep me out. Anyhow, the living room looks sooo different now, and so much more like home. That dirty wallpaper that wasn't my style at all, made it feel like someone else's home, but now, even with just the primer, it looks so much better.

I'm convinced that the former occupants of this trailer never cleaned. Ever. I have 3 children 4 and under right now, which means two things: 1. There are lots of messes, and 2. I have less time to clean them, and actually a third: morning sickness means I get behind a lot, too. Yet my house has never been that dirty. Lots of food splatters in the kitchen/dining, lots of dirty, dirty wall paper in the living room, entryways, you name it, and lots of other things I don't want to think about on the walls, toilets, showers, tubs in the bathroom. So, when you come to visit, if I tell you we scrubbed the place from top to bottom, you can rest assured that we are not exaggerating. And not because I'm a clean freak, either.

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  1. You are so funny about all the cleaning :) I felt like that recently when we moved into a rental over here in Shreveport before finding our house... Not only is cleaning a dirty thing, it's really gross when it's not your filth. It was so rewarding once I knew that it had been sanitized to my likings :)
    I'm so excited for you guys!!