Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I No Longer Shop at Victoria's Secret

I know this is a strange post for a debt-free blog, but I just had something on my mind.

A year or so ago, I was standing in line at Victoria's Secret with my children when something caught my eye. It all started when I kept getting coupons in the mail for free items. I would go in and get the free thing (many of them expired because I hardly ever go to the mall) and nothing more. Yet this day I saw an advertisement for the Victoria's Secret fashion show - a televised show of immodestly dressed women. "Immodestly dressed" is probably an understatement - it occurred to me that by shopping at Victoria's Secret, I was supporting porn. Ugh. We don't watch this, of course, but what about the magazines that come in the mail? The huge billboards/advertisements that our family has to walk past in the mall? My boys are young yet, but it won't be long before they are affected by these things. How could I give my money to this place, no matter how good their products are? I'll sew my own if necessary. What probably bothered me the most was the many years that I shopped there without even giving a thought to this issue. It just shows how Satan has "normalized" sin to the point that we are numb to it. Lingerie can be advertised without models, as I've seen in sale papers for Wal-Mart and such places as that. But I had just grown to accept it as normal. Something about having sons has opened my eyes to these lamentable things. I'm so sorry for them that they have to grow up in this kind of world, where temptation is all around them, unavoidable. Even driving down the highway we pass billboards with scantily clad women. Avoiding the mall isn't enough, but it's a place to start.

Another good reason to shop at the thrift store. :) So maybe this isn't so out of place for a debt-free blog!


  1. Well said Kelly. I despise walking past Victoria's Secret. They really should keep it a secret.