Monday, July 18, 2011

Packing Up

This week it's PACKING TIME! Next weekend is our moving day, so we are packing like crazy around here. Michelle Duggar has advice on packing in her 20 and Counting book, which she got from Emilie Barnes' book, so I've used that, plus the advice on Flylady's website. I have an index card file box. Inside is one card for each box, with the contents of each box listed on the card, along with the number of the box. The number of the box is also ON the box. :) This way, if I need to pull something out of a box, I know where to find it. I used those file boxes you can get at office supply stores to pack all our stuff for "storage" (since our mobile home is small, ALOT will be in storage!), and the things that we will be almost immediately unpacking from boxes are packed in moving boxes, and just labeled the usual way. We have colored stickers we are putting on the boxes - a different color for each room. Then we are planning to put a piece of paper with the color of sticker on the wall of the room where they belong - to make it easier for our sweet friends who will be helping us.

It's kind of nice to pack. For one, we've been trying to move for about 10 months now, so I've had lots of time to think about it. Also, we've lived in this house for 10 years, so there are things that haven't been touched in a while. Moving is good motivation to clear some things out, dust and clean, and organize.

Since we've got little ones, I've got to keep them busy, or else they get in trouble! I've been setting them up with activities to do: trains on the floor, puzzles at the table, books on the couch, etc., and I try to change the activities every 15-30 minutes. And of course, I let them help wherever they can! My 5 year old likes to help me assemble the boxes, wrap newspaper around dishes, and things of that sort. My 3 year old is good at fetching things like scissors or markers that I've forgotten. And my 2 yr. old sweetie is good at handing me things close by or throwing things in the trash. And baby is good at making sure I take a break every few hours to nurse her. :)

Our 4 chickens are at our neighbors house, hanging out with his chickens. The chicken tractor got moved at the same time and is now housing our neighbor's hen and her baby chicks. She was losing chicks at an alarming rate, so now they are safe from the chicken hawks, or whatever was eating the little chicks. It'll be fun to get more chicks of our own someday!

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