Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We're All Moved (well, mostly)

Wow, are we exhausted! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We took a trip to Arkansas for my husband's work, and to visit family, the beginning of July, and since we got back, it has been almost non-stop work! The day we got back we started packing to move, and from that day until the day we moved the following weekend we worked from morning to night packing our house (with the help of some wonderful friends). So many decisions to be made while packing - do we keep this or not, where do we put it in the new house, what box should I pack this in with what other things, etc.

Moving day went so well! We had lots of friends from church show up to help, and our whole house was loaded into the moving truck in 1 1/2 hrs.! Smoothest move ever. Once we got here and unloaded everything into the house, it was very overwhelming! We had nothing but a narrow path through the house, boxes stacked high - who knew where to start? All the children were tired from the move, so all fell asleep and I had a few hours to unpack things alone while my husband returned the moving truck. I started with our tiny little laundry room. I had almost a year to think about where I wanted to put things, so it wasn't too difficult to do, actually. All the duplicate cleaning supplies and such were boxed up an labeled for the garage/storage shed. Then my mom and sister arrived to help me start unpacking, and my brother-in-law put the boys' bunkbeds together. They were tired from their own busy days, so it was a blessing to have them come and help out. My mom came the next day as well, and my husband took Monday off from work, so I had some time to get some of my "honey-do" list done (can you hang this on the wall? move this furniture? install a shelf?). From that point on, little by little, boxes started disappearing, and order was being restored. Jeremy spent every evening of the following week working out at our old house, getting home at 1:30 AM, so the unpacking, on top of all the other normal duties around here, was all ME! We both fell into the bed exhausted every night, but felt good from the days of hard work. The last few days we have been going back and forth from our old house as a family (even staying one night there), and so I am surrounded by chaos once again! Laundry to be done, unpacking and sorting still to be done, and a HUGE clothing donation from my sister (a blessing, of course!) to be sorted through.

We knew that getting out of debt would mean some hard work, but we didn't know exactly what kind of hard work would be involved. Now we know! Sometimes the days are stressful and we snap at each other, or the house is a wreck from having to focus on other things, or we are physically SO tired, but it has been worth it. We are definitely looking forward to selling our house so that we can settle into more of a routine around here (and be DEBT FREE, of course!). I'm also looking forward to swimming out from under the last box around here, and "everything having a place, and everything in its place".

I'm not sure what kind of blogs are the most interesting to my readers...sooo....leave a comment and let me know what you'd like for me to write about! What would you like to hear more about? What is the most interesting to you?

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  1. Hi, my husband communicated with your husband a few times via email. I remembered you all today. Thank you for posting about your journey. Your posts related to living debt free on land are encouraging.