Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chasing Chickens

Today I got a knock at the door from the neighbor across the street, who spotted one of my chickens in the front yard while he was mowing his lawn. I live in the suburbs, folks, so that must have been a sight. Apparently, some unnamed person in our family didn't get the gate all the way closed, so it escaped. So, I started chasing the chicken around the yard, and it did NOT want to be caught. Fearing I would chase it out of our (small) yard and into the street, or a neighbor's yard, creating a scene, I decided to lure it with food. Instead of it running to the food, it crouched down really low, and FLEW straight over the fence, back into the back yard where she belongs. I'd heard that some chickens CAN fly over 6 ft. fences, but I'd never actually witnessed it. So, the moral of the story, my friends, clip your chickens' wings, even if you don't think they will attempt an escape!

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