Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our land isn't the only thing cookin'

We're expecting baby #4! This is even more exciting than our land, so we feel really blessed right now. I just wanted to reflect now on some of the reasons I'm so thrilled to be having another one.

#1 This baby is eternal. Our material possessions, money, basically everything we know here on this earth is fleeting. It will all burn up one day - either in this life, or at the end of time. Proverbs talks about how riches maketh wings and fly away! It's so true. Job knows all about that. But even if this baby doesn't survive another day in my womb, or perishes before he or she reaches a state of full accountability, he or she will be with the Lord. After that it is mine and my husband's job to walk out before this child the fullness of joy that is a life lived for HIM, so much so that it is irresistible to the child. May we be found faithful.

#2 This child will be a blessing to us. I can hardly count, and probably most parents can't either, the many things our children have said or done that truly blesses me! Just today Seth said, "Mommy, I'm sorry your tummy feels sick." and "When's the baby going to come out? I want to see the baby!" And Jude crawled up next to me and said, "I just want to snuggle you so much, Mom." Not to mention all the profound things that challenge my heart.

#3 This child will be a blessing to others, too! From the cooing smiles of a baby, to the innocent ramblings of a toddler, to the fully mature Christian who brings others to our Savior, children who love HIM are a blessing.

#4 We get to watch God provide. David said, "I was young, and now I'm old, yet I've never seen the righteous forsaken, nor seen his seed begging bread." It's so true - God provides for His children. And sometimes it isn't until you HAVE the children that you get to see the provision for them. I know families with 2 or 3 children, and families with 7, 12, 13 children, and none of them lack for anything! Our children may not have the newest fashion clothes (who cares?), or their very own IPOD, or whatever it is that Americans think we must have in order to be happy, but they'll have something more important - each other. Things should only be tools to bless other people, not an end in themselves. I think the fewer things we have, the more our children will see how unimportant things really are. If there is one thing this getting out of debt journey has taught me - it is just how little I really need to be happy. And I have far more than I really need.

#5 I get to grow. I kind of don't like this part. But it is necessary. Some day, some how, this child and I will come in conflict, and it will bring out something in myself that I need to change. And I will be moved to change because of my concern for the child, that he or she not become like that flaw in myself. And I will seek HIM because without HIM nothing will change.


  1. Enjoyed reading this! You're a wise mama!

  2. This is really great. Blessed me!

  3. Just now catching up on your blog, sure do miss you!! This post was such a blessing to read, you are SO wise!!! Thanks for sharing and letting Him use you.