Friday, September 3, 2010

Survey is Done

Today we got to take advantage of this beautiful weather we had and go walk the boundaries of our property! The survey flags were out, and it was definitely bigger than we imagined! We got to look at whole other pieces of the property that we didn't even know came with the land. Our new neighbor, the pastor, walked the boundaries with us to help us find the survey flags and tell us what he knew about the land. We also met some of our other neighbors, one of whom loaned us his golf cart to drive around the land. Lots of it couldn't be driven, though, because it was so thick with trees! I'm just still so amazed. 6.99 acres is even bigger than the 6.88 that was last estimated, and of course, more than twice as big as the 3.44 originally listed. The neighbors have been so nice to offer to help us move, clean up the property, and loan to us their tractors, trailers, and all sorts of helpful things.

We also got to see the inside of the house for the first time since they've cleaned it up. Someone has attempted to board up some of the broken windows along with the back of the house, which was wide open with NO DOOR. My sister and I were laughing at their attempts to "secure" the house, though. We opened a back window, which my sister climbed through and unlocked the front door for us to come in. After walking through the house, I carefully locked the bottom lock and closed the door. A few moments later, Jeremy, who hadn't seen the house yet, just walks up and opens the "locked" door. LOL! We sure wasted our time climbing through that window. I think the lock box on the door is just for show. I doubt anyone has used it. :) We were hoping to be able to use the house for storage of tools and such for building, but it looks as though we can't even use it for that. There just isn't anything salvageable. Even the kitchen sink is missing a knob! Lots of mold/mildew throughout the house, thanks to the caved in and leaking ceilings, holes in the floor, just lots of yuck. So, tearing that thing down is probably our first order of business! We may be able to have the septic system pumped and possibly repaired instead of replaced, which would save us some money. Before we thought it couldn't be salvaged.

Our closing will be delayed until next week, since we couldn't do it today because of some paper delays, but overall, today has been a day of good news! The fresh air did some good for my nauseous tummy, too. :)

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