Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Well and a Cow

Neighbors. We really have some great ones at our new place. Every time we come out to our property, our pastor neighbor comes out to greet us, always with an offer of help or advice. Last weekend when we were out there, he loaned us a chain saw and helped us cut some limbs down, to make way for our mobile home. He also helped us dig around our property to try to find the septic system (we were unsuccessful :( ). If I tried to list all the tools and ideas he's offered to us, I'd surely forget something, but he's just been a really great neighbor.

When we got this property, I thought it might be a while before we could get a cow for beef, and esp. one for milk, since that takes money, and know-how - two things we are a little short on right now! But, our neighbor has offered to buy a cow for beef and split it with us when it is time for processing. The price would end up being less than $1/lb. (that includes, ground beef, steaks, roasts, however we want it cut). 400 lbs. of meat would definitely set us up for the year, so that is a good arrangement. Buying a cow ourselves and raising it to butcher would be too much meat for our family. I was thinking I'd only get to do chickens this year (since I'm familiar with them, and they aren't too expensive), so this is great news!

Next bit of news involves our well. We found out from the neighbor across the street that it IS a working well, but it needs to be cleaned out (beer bottles and such down in there). We offered to share the well with our neighbor next door, and he offered to split the cost of a pump to pump it to our respective ponds. The well is 18 ft. to the water's surface, and our 25 ft. tape measure wouldn't touch the bottom, so it's at least that deep. It would be awesome in the future to use it as our water supply, but for now, Jeremy is just thinking of using it for animals. Such great news, as wells are hard to come by! Whoever sold the property certainly didn't know what they were selling or else we could have never gotten it for this price! God has truly blessed us.


  1. That is totally awesome, I am glad you are doing good.

  2. And yet, the well still sits unused. We never did get that pump, at least not one powerful enough to be useful.