Monday, September 27, 2010

A Camper at the land

Every weekend something new at the new homestead. This weekend: a very generous friend loaned us a camper, and a generator! The weather was so beautiful that we didn't need the generator this weekend, but what a blessing to have the option. Most importantly, one pregnant mom and 3 little bitty children now have a bathroom to use at the property! That means we get a lot more accomplished now. I brought our battery-powered vacuums and vacuumed out the mobile home until there was no juice left in them (still lots of "junk" on the floors, though). The vacuums at least got most of the broken glass up off the floors. I also got to clean one of the bathrooms a little, but the shower was pretty smelly (I think a vandal used it as a toilet), and I could only handle so much with my pregnant tummy! Outside, we got some limbs and brush that couldn't be used for firewood and made a huge fire pit...yep, we roasted hotdogs and marshmellows, too, and had some fun with it. We got part of one side of the house torn down, since it was close to the power pole, and not too safe for a bull dozer to get in there. Windows and anything else that we can't burn were also removed. We have no running water at the property, so we have to bring clean water to clean with/wash hands, plus drinking water, and we use pond water to flush the potty with! Our cooler is our refrigerator for now, unless we want to power the generator to cool the little camper fridge, but for now, no electricity is the least of our utility worries - we can always substitute with batteries, propane, etc.

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