Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mobile Home Has Been Purchased

A few facts:
1. We can't live in the moldy, falling down house on the new property
2. We've never built a house before with our own hands, so it won't be finished tomorrow. :)
3. We can't reasonably commute over an hour to our property to work on the house and expect to be done this decade.
SOOOOO....the solution....we purchased a mobile home! Nothing big, nothing fancy. Double wides cost too much to purchase and esp. to move, so we went with a single wide. I'm pretty sure we paid more for our minivan than this home, and that's saying something, because we got a good deal on the van! It's smaller than our current house, but probably the biggest we can get in a single wide. It is adequate for our needs, and we have the cash to buy it - so that makes it perfect! The man we are buying it from is a believer, and he is fixing a lot of the things in the home for us and moving it for free. Vandals got into the home and damaged it, so there are a few cosmetic things we may have to deal with until we save up the money to fix them. It's not old, ugly, or smelly, doesn't leak, and hey, we actually kinda like it!! It'll be nice because it will be the first home we've lived in that is really and truly ours. We found a nice spot on our land, surrounded by beautiful, mature trees for shade. We just have to find that septic system and make sure we aren't moving in right on top of it! Can't wait to move into our new little home. :)


  1. We just need to find some pink flamingos and a junky car for the front yard decorations.

  2. Hmmm...Anonymous...pretty sure I know who you are. :)

  3. I am so excited for y'all!! You guys are being so wise! :)

  4. How exciting! Once you guys get established I would love for our Classical Conversations homeschool group to come out for a tour. Would you be up for that?? What an incredible adventure you are on! Many blessings!

  5. Hey, Nicole, that would be fun! Are you talking about having a tour once we have animals and that sort of thing?