Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Home Made it - In One Piece

This was a busy weekend at our place. Friday Jeremy took the day off and spent almost all of it taking down the neighbor's fence to make way for the mobile home. Jude helped Jeremy, and I spent most of the day sitting under one of the trees on our property, SWEATING (though not as much as Jeremy!), and keeping the 2 youngest entertained. Our nice neighbor, again, came out to help. Once that was finished, Jeremy had to cut down some limbs along the street, and I and the littles helped drag it into a pile or two on our property. It was REALLY getting hot and muggy, and the pastor's wife invited me in to put the baby down for a nap, while the boys played in her front yard with her grandchildren's toys. Not long after, Jude comes in to tell me that Jeremy took the van, and I assumed he went to meet the movers along the route. I found out that they have to post their route along freeways with the Department of Transportation, since it is a slow-moving vehicle, but once they were on the county roads, I guess no one was concerned with what route they took. There were two possible routes, and there were a few last minute changes. Unbelievably, it started raining! I'm so glad I do not do this for a living. I can barely park my minivan. I'd be sunk. But they were able to back this thing down the road about a mile and a half, until they got to our street. Then they had to swing wide through the neighbor's now de-fenced property (over the ditches and everything) and try to make it through all the tree limbs that we apparently did not trim enough! So, very slowly they went, while Jeremy and the neighbor cut down limbs as they went. It was stressful watching them drive through the neighbor's land, hitting the ditches, with the mobile home leaning one way, and the truck leaning the other! I wanted to watch, but I DIDN'T want to watch! The trailer's axles were exactly the width of the street with (small) ditches on either side, and then of course, the trailer itself is wider than that, so it was a tight squeeze. And we live on a dead-end street - so one way in, one way out! One of the neighbors actually drove up behind the trailer, and of course, couldn't go anywhere at that point, but fortunately the home was minutes from being out of the way. Since our home is to be moved again, once the house is torn down, it was just sort of parked where it landed - all the skirting and air conditioner still inside the house, the deck disassembled, and the cinder blocks still stacked on the property. It's hard to have it there and not be able to do anything with it (clean it, get it ready, etc.), but I know that will come soon.

One thing I know, my trips to the property are going to have to be fewer! As much as I hate missing the opportunity to be out there (it is so beautiful and peaceful), all the driving is really increasing my nausea. That and the long days (past 8 PM is a long day for my pregnant self!) means that I come home just so miserable! But, usually, once the nausea passes, I accomplish more during my second trimester than I do even when I'm NOT pregnant, so productivity is on its way! I'm really hoping we can be moved in and settled in to have our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home, but I guess we'll see how things go. Next year, I want to raise our own Turkey or Goose for the holiday meals!

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