Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mobile Home to be Delivered Tomorrow

Our mobile home is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. However, it is an interesting situation...

1. It will be parked in a temporary spot. In order to make things easier utility-wise, we plan to put the mobile home on TOP of where the current house is (my sister's very brilliant idea!) have to tear down the house before we can do that! However, the mobile home dealer was anxious to move the home out of the trailer park it is in, understandably so, since he is having to pay lot rent by the day. Apparently, moving the home to our site, and then coming BACK to move it to its final place, was cheaper. This guy is so nice and is really bearing with us through the whole process. We are blessed to have found him. Apparently, it is not legal to burn a house, but it IS legal to demolish a house and then burn the remains, so we plan to do that. Our neighbor (I told you, this guy is a blessing!) has a friend with a track-hoe who is coming out to do some dirt work for him anyway, and he's offered to demolish the house for us while he's out there. He said it'll probably take him like 5 minutes! The burning will save us in disposal fees ($400 per dumpster full!).

2. A neighbor's fence will have to be torn down in order to make the turn onto our street. Fortunately, the neighbor in question does not have any animals, and was happy to oblige, providing we put the fence back! Easier said than done, so Jeremy is taking the day off to make that happen.

I'm so very thankful to have felt reasonably well today and gotten some things accomplished (dinner cooked, laundry, dishes, a little bit of cleaning). The poor chickens have been begging me for food lately, and I purchased the grains and mixed them up today for them. They are much happier now, and don't peck at the door all day! I feel so unproductive lately because of feeling sick & tired, so it's nice to feel like I actually contributed to the household. :)


  1. So glad you're blogging about this adventure! My parents should have done so when they purchased their land. Keep it up! Your family will appreciate it... maybe you could back up the blog on a file and print it some day for the memories. ;-)


  2. I am so happy this is coming together. I see all these people God has used to put this together and it's amazing! Just happy to be a part of it! Love you sister.