Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pics of our Mobile Home

Blogger apparently does not want me uploading too many pictures at once, so here are a few! The first is of the hallway/front door, and part of the living room. The next is of the master bath; if you can't tell, the mirrors are missing over the sinks, and the mirrors over the bath are broken. This trailer is a blue light special people, so we have a few repairs to make! The good news is that we didn't pay extra for mirrors that we probably wouldn't like anyways. :) The next picture is of the sliding glass door in the dining area. No, the view is not of our property; these pics were taken before it was moved from the trailer park in Hutchins. Then we have a picture of the kitchen, where the fridge will go. We have an enormous fridge that I love, so I'd rather sacrifice some cabinets than have to give up my fridge, so which cabinets is TBD. The last picture is of the kitchen where the oven will go. This trailer was vandalized before we bought it, and some of the appliances were stolen; ironically, the appliances that were stolen were the ones we already have. We just replaced the oven in our house for when we sell it, and we held on to the old oven because, although old, it still works! We almost sold it on craigslist but we're so thankful we didn't. We can always upgrade later, but for now, it meets our need. The only appliance that wasn't stolen is the dishwasher, and that is the appliance that we don't have. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the kitchen has an island - that is where the sink/dishwasher are, and there is a prep area next to the oven, and one next to the fridge.
We have lots of cleaning to do, replacing of mirrors, painting, and a few repairs to some cabinets, but all the important stuff is in good working order. I like the floor plan and that it has lots of windows!


  1. Hey I started taking the mirrors down on Sunday!


  2. Cool! You can just add it to my bill....:)