Friday, March 25, 2011

Countdown to Baby: the Preparations Begin

We now have about 4 1/2 weeks until the due date, and boy, has this pregnancy gone by fast! Getting two homes ready, homeschooling, and otherwise raising 3 children probably has something to do with it. ;)

Before we came out to the property this week, I must be honest, I did NOT want to come! Not that I don't love coming out here - it's so peaceful and just fun to dream about when we will actually live here. But all the packing and preparing to come, and the fact that I want to be "nesting" at our current home all factored into my reluctance. However, before we came I insisted on bringing a birth kit, even though it was hastily assembled. I did not want to be out here without the needed supplies should I actually go into labor early. We had to get boxes of newborn clothes down from the attic, look for newborn sized cloth diapers from our stash, and we even had to buy some sheets and mattress covers, since we'd gotten a bigger bed in between now and when Faith was born. Our mail-ordered birth supplies arrived super fast, so we were able to have those available as well. But now, I look forward to getting home and actually washing all the linens and organizing the new baby's clothes. In the past we've just put girl, boy, and neutral things in the drawers, and which ever gender we DON'T have, we put back in the attic shortly after the baby is born. Some people say they are too much of a planner to NOT find out the gender of the baby, but, hey, I'm a planner, too - I just plan in a different way! We have everything we need for both genders, acquired inexpensively through garage sales and thrift stores, so it's fun to go through it all and dream about it being either a boy or a girl. I always get this urge to knit something for the baby when I'm pregnant, and last pregnancy, I knitted a hat for a girl, and a whole set (hat, booties, blanket) for a boy. This pregnancy, I think I'm going to use up my pink cotton yarn and knit a new girl blanket. If I have time. We'll see.

I also intend on making and freezing some meals for after the baby is born. We've always had people bring us meals in the past, but I like to be prepared in case people aren't able to do that. And just to have a longer time of not HAVING to cook after the baby is born.

I always seem to go into labor at night, and my greatest wish THEN is that I'd had more sleep. So I've decided that I will forego any preparations that do not allow me to take a nap every day from now until baby comes! Seth is never a problem with taking naps, and if Faith has already had her nap for the day, then Jude is always good about watching her for me so that I can sleep. That is such a blessing!

Speaking of the children, they are also very excited to see this baby. Just tonight, Jude said, "I wish we could just see the baby tonight!" And yesterday when I went to see the midwife, when she gave Seth a sticker, Seth put it on my belly and said it was for the baby. Faith pats my tummy and says, "Baby", and sometimes pats HER tummy and says, "Baby." We'll have to work on that one. :)

This will probably be our last visit here before the baby is born, so it is bittersweet. But I'll be glad to be at whatever home is "home" for now, so that we can get ready for this baby's arrival.

Oh, as for names: Levi for a boy, Hope for a girl. Suggestions on middle names, anyone?


  1. I love your kids! This post made me smile, so sweet :). I'm praying these last few weeks are such a blessing to you, and I can't wait to see who this is... Can't believe I haven't seen you this whole pregnancy :(. I will bring you a meal, so don't worry about that! Happy nesting.

  2. Kelly, I love reading your posts. Ha, don't know why I haven't commented before - I guess I never thought I could.
    My nephew who was just born on the twelfth is named Levi, that is such a great name. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you. :(