Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preparing to Stay Again

I enjoy going to stay out at the property, and I also like being at our current home. But I don't like packing and preparing to go to either place! It is exhausting. It is like we are packing for vacation - but we do it every week, sometimes twice a week! And it's not like I can make a list and that will be my once-for-all packing list, because things are always changing. We're always thinking of things that need to go to one place or the other. And finding things that didn't work last time that we need to change for this time.

Aside from all that, it really is FUN to get to go! We get to, little by little, fix things up how we want them, without too much pressure. I get to contemplate where I want to put each thing, and design how I want to configure the closets, etc. I was telling Jeremy, though, that I wish we could move things to the new place one room or one little bit at a time instead of moving the whole house at once! I just remember moving day to this house, where we had lots of boxes of STUFF that we just had to find a place for or else step over them constantly. Not a lot of time to decide where to put things, or if it was actually WORTH it to KEEP certain things. I think I'd rather have my house clean and tidy and easy to keep that way (everything has a PLACE and not too many things trying to be shoved all in one too-small place - like they seem to be now).

Along those lines, I have been noticing for a while that the boys are having a hard time keeping their toys put away and sorted into proper bins, etc. So, I just dumped a whole bunch of toys into a box, put them in the garage (after reassuring them I wasn't actually getting rid of them), and decided to let them play with what's left. I have a theory that they will be happier because 1) They don't have to listen to me constantly telling them to pick up toys, 2) They don't have the frustration of trying to put too many toys back into spaces that are too small (I can relate to their frustration) and 3) They can appreciate and find the toys that are left, that they possibly couldn't even FIND before. What I really want to do is clear their room of all toys and only put back ONE box of toys (like trains). When they manage that well, I'd add another box, until they reach the point of being unable to maintain it all, then I'd take it back a step. It's nice at the property because they only have one big tupperware container of toys. When I say, "Clean up" they know that all toys go in that box. Finding parts that go with each other is easy enough because the box of toys isn't that big. And they aren't any less happy with life out there, nor do they bemoan the fact that a certain toy isn't at the trailer. That's why I think my theory will work. :)

I also love how I only acquire things at the trailer once I've seen an actual NEED for them. I think I've discussed this before, but I think it bears repeating: it is so freeing to know that everything in your house is there because you have RIGHT NOW found a specific purpose that nothing else could serve. I think in our homes we acquire things that people give us, or things that "might be useful someday" or that we "paid good money for, so I can't throw it out" without even realizing that we really would be happier just giving it away. Oh the people we could serve, the things that we could do for God that would REALLY count for eternity, if our lives weren't spent shopping for things, storing, repairing, and organizing things, and eventually deciding to part with things. I'll try to remember that the next time I want to buy something.....


  1. Amen sister!!! I love the last paragraph. So very true and well said!
    I'm feeling for you right now.... I moved when Donovan and Daryl were in Honduras just 10 days after Dominic was born. I did it with friends help and with the Grace of God! I know how hard it is to move when your tired! Praying for restoration and rest for you!

  2. Oh, no, Amanda - I did not realize you MOVED during that time! Thank God for wonderful friends that helped you, but just the mental energy it takes for all that decision making that others simply can't do for you....

    I do not know when we will actually be able to move in, but I will be so glad to not have to do all the packing/commuting anymore when it is all over! I'm sure I will miss some aspects of it, though. It really is neat to watch the place being transformed by the labor of our hands! And fun to have kind of a "getaway", even if it is getting away to WORK! And with no TV and not much in the way of internet access, we spend a lot of time and focus together as a family, being productive. I love that part of it. :)